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Important Information for people who have been in a Car Accident:
  • Above all, Remain Calm
  • Stop, and if you think you may be injured, Stay in your Car
  • Call the Police, and wait for them to arrive
  • If you believe you are hurt, with even a minor injury, make sure you tell the Police
  • Often times, injuries from an automobile accident are not felt until the next day - never tell anyone you are "okay"
  • If you are able, get the following at the Accident Scene:
  • The License Plate Number from the Other Vehicle
  • The Make, Model and Color of the Other Vehicle
  • The Other Driver's Name Address, Phone and Driver's License Numbers
  • The Other Driver's Auto Insurance Carrier's Name, Address, Phone and Policy Numbers
  • If you are able, you, or better, someone else, should carefully take photos of the damage to Both Vehicles and their position in the road way (Remember - always keep a disposable camera in  your car for this purpose - but be careful not to do your self further injury, as pictures of the scene are not worth aggravating your injury or getting hit by another car)
  • Get the Name Address, and Phone of any witnesses that may have seen the accident, including any passengers in the other vehicle
  • If you think you are Injured, go to the Emergency Room Immediately - a delay in treatment of even a few days can hurt your claim
  • Contact your insurance company, and report the accident - but don't make any statements to the other Driver's Insurance Company - call an attorney
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