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Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents
It shocks many to know that you can walk out of the emergency room with serious permanent injuries that are not even diagnosed.  The specialized kinds of injuries that occur in motor vehicle, motor cycle and pedestrian accidents require the specialized skill and training of doctors that have been trained to recognize these injuries early - protecting both your health, and your case.

Caruso Law Offices has special relationships with quality local and national caregivers, to get you the treatment you need - and in most cases, you wont even have to pay until your case is over.

Products Liability
Proving that a product has been defectively designed or manufactured is a tricky process that takes strong testimony by experienced and qualified expert witnesses.  At Caruso Law Offices, we work with experts from all over the world - experts that can help you to tell your side of the story to the jury, or even settle your case before it even gets there. 

Serious Injury Slip/Trip and Falls
Big insurance companies always use the same strategy in these case: say it was the victim's fault, and deny any liability.  The safest bet is to call a professional, to set your case up right from day one, and help to maximize your chance of recovering for your injury.

Elder Care/Nursing Home Abuse
One of the most disturbing trends in modern health care is the deplorable way that the elderly are treated by nursing homes that are no more than money making machines for big business - that save money by caring more about their bottom line than your loved ones.  

Medical Malpractice
In this day and age, Medical Malpractice has become one of the most difficult and most expensive type of case to bring - like no other case, the issues raised call for a seasoned professional and quality expert witnesses.

But where do you find them: will a doctor from your community be willing to testify against one of his colleagues - even if he or she believes there was some wrong doing?  At Caruso Law Offices, we pick our Medical Experts from pools of qualified physicians that have trained the world over, to help find the smoking gun in your case.

Contested Divorce
Divorce is always hard - but an inexperienced attorney can make it even harder.  No Divorce is easy - but knowing when to compromise and when to let go will help get the job done with both financial and emotional economy.  

Sometimes Deadbeat parents simply wont pay, and others want to use children as bargaining ships, or gain custody so they don't have to be the one that pays.  No one can guarantee who will win or lose in this game like this - but knowing what to expect can help to keep the children from being the one who lose the most.

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